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Not a TRAITOR :)

yo yo yo what's up everyone? well i know you all probably consider me a "traitor" (ahem, whatruthinkn) but it's ok cuz u, oh well. anyways i am not a traitor and i am still here and u guys :) is going really well actually (in the past my grades have not exactly been a good reflection of my potential) but this year is actually really good so far:
ALGEBRA - NO COMMENT :) (i'm not failing or anything but it needs help and

well i'll definitely be here more often now that i know that you guys just can't live without me being here with you guys (just kiddin) but if you guys wanna see what i've been up to go to

peace and chicken grease (lol)

Michael G-Row

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hello all...

well things have been pretty busy usual.
other than that, not much has been going on...OH but if you all could lift up a friend of mine that is dealing with and struggling with sin right now, i'd appreciate it :)
School is...School really...not much more to it...
OOH and i cannot wait for Campmeeting to's only like two weeks AWAY!!!!
i know i haven't been on here for awhile, but that's cuz i had found this other website that is like a christian alternative to MySpace... (if you don't understand what xianz means: think of CHRISTmas is also sometimes spelled as Xmas...CHRISTians(z) with an X = Xianz)
MiChAeL gOoDrOw
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MDG is Back!!! HAHAHAHAHA.....

Hey ya'll i know ya'll been missing me cuz i haven't been on here in like 2 weeks (well, maybe not that long but anyways...) i have been running like frantic trying to manage everything that i have to do with church, school, and work (WHEW!!) it can be kinda crazy after awhile, yet i wouldn't rather have it ANY other way...
Well i'll be back soon when i have a LOT of time to really post to you all later
~ The1andOnlyMDG
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A Good Day

Hey ya'll!! i hope that everyone's had a pretty good day today. (i did) But i AM a little frustrated because of this: Today is Wednesday right? ok, well at VCA we are NOT NOT NOT supposed to get HW on Wednesdays AT ALL (because of the fact that it's a chrstian school, and they want everyone to have a chance to go to church and all...) So, tell me why i have a QUIZ tomorrow + other stuff to do AND an art project that is due on FRIDAY??? I mean, i don't let that
stop me from goin to church but i still think that if they stress to us 24/7 how important it is for US to follow their rules, then they should follow their own rules also...just my opinion. But, regardless of all that, i had a very good day today (i'm discovering that for the most part as long as you don't let the devil steal your joy, then any situation can be moved aside...) but i was happy/relieved because i had a science test today (which was mad easy) and i got my english and history quizzes BACK today: BOTH 100%...actually the History one was a 103%...even better...well i apologize for reambling but i didn't have anything else to talk about so, i'll see those of you that go to FLM later tonight aight? talk more later...
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Got Jesus?

When all else fails - Jesus Never Will...

I guess as we mature, we learn things that we may not have thought made sense before...or at least that's my case.
What am i learning? i'm learning NOT to place your trust in people...cuz people will at some time or another fail you - whether it be now or later...
Don't get me wrong, everyone has a core friend or group of friends that are always there...
But a lot of times we put our trust and faith in man getting us through, when we need to rely on Jesus (cuz He wrote this thing, He's got all the answers...) Well i guess what the whole thing comes down to is this: Man WILL fail you (whether it's intentional or not) Jesus - HE WILL NEVER, ever fail...and there has never been ONE time when he has...that's just the way it is....

Well, on a lighter note, after a busy day at VCA (which went pretty good) and tonight i have to go to a "party" per say for the Solid Rock Youth group to celebrate out Biloxi Trip (which some of you may remember me talking about) so that should be i gotta go, talk to ya'll later.
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A Walk Down Memory Lane...whatever that means...(lol)

These are some pics of myself that my mom had on disk from like, forever ago...just thought i'd share them...

Newborn...                                                     18 weeks old...

5 years old (i had a TERRIBLE obsession with the Lion King...)

7 years old (i got baptized by P. Randy in what is now the gym at FLM)

9 years old (me, trevor, and daquan                              11 years old (me and Joshua in Liberty Park in New York...
at a Royal Ranger Campout)                                                             notice the Twin Towers in the BG)

12 years old (almost 13) at                16 years old (present) when Mr Braxton took
Christmas 2002                                    pictures for me at Three Lakes Park...
at my Grandparents house...

I didn't even realize how much i've grown up until i looked at these oh well...well i have to go to work now (just show how much i've REALLY grown up - "gotta go to work now"
talk to you guys later...
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(no subject)

i took a personality test and these are my results...kinda scary...

Which Bible Personality Am I?
Moses - you accomplish great things, but still depend on others

Personality Quiz

What Kind of Romancer Am I?
Honey Bunny - what you do is so cute that someone must take notice

Personality Quiz

How Honorable Are You?
Knight - you are known to speak that which you will do, no one wonders about your motives for they have always proven to be honorable

Personality Quiz

How Cheap Are You?
Thrifty - you are not really cheap, well at least not to the average person

Personality Quiz

How Artistic Are You?
Artsy - you have the touch, you just need to bring it out more here and there

Personality Quiz

How Thin Is Your Skin?
Lamb - you are content with what is generally dished out to you, and if you do not like it you may say, "Baa..." and then move on to something else.

Personality Quiz
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