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A Good Day

September 13th, 2006 (04:27 pm)

Where I'm At?: Church Office
Mood at the Moment:: hungry
Song I'm Listenin to:: None - Jes People Talkin

Hey ya'll!! i hope that everyone's had a pretty good day today. (i did) But i AM a little frustrated because of this: Today is Wednesday right? ok, well at VCA we are NOT NOT NOT supposed to get HW on Wednesdays AT ALL (because of the fact that it's a chrstian school, and they want everyone to have a chance to go to church and all...) So, tell me why i have a QUIZ tomorrow + other stuff to do AND an art project that is due on FRIDAY??? I mean, i don't let that
stop me from goin to church but i still think that if they stress to us 24/7 how important it is for US to follow their rules, then they should follow their own rules also...just my opinion. But, regardless of all that, i had a very good day today (i'm discovering that for the most part as long as you don't let the devil steal your joy, then any situation can be moved aside...) but i was happy/relieved because i had a science test today (which was mad easy) and i got my english and history quizzes BACK today: BOTH 100%...actually the History one was a 103%...even better...well i apologize for reambling but i didn't have anything else to talk about so, i'll see those of you that go to FLM later tonight aight? talk more later...


Posted by: jesusluvr4life (jesusluvr4life)
Posted at: September 13th, 2006 09:00 pm (UTC)
yeah g.row!

good job g.row, yur doin good in school so far:) and amen to that other thang, dont let the devil steal yur joy! scheck yur email brotha

Posted by: Amanda Taylor (mrs_the_great)
Posted at: September 14th, 2006 07:38 am (UTC)

yeah...that sounds a little odd...
i would ask someone about it...

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